Be REAL Week 2 (10-week)




Learning to Tune In (Part 2)


In this session, we learned how to strengthen our mind-body connection through Yoga. Through these practices, we focused on breathing sequences that can help us release tension and reduce stress. We also learned a new practice for mindfully listening to our mind, body and heart, the Mindful Check-In practice.


Mindful Check-In

We started with the Mindful Check-In practice. This practice gives us an opportunity to check-in with ourselves – our mind, body  and hearts.  This practice is useful for checking-in, especially during busy times  or any time throughout the day.  It can help us identify underlying feelings and what we might need in the moment or throughout the day to feel well and  grounded. 


Strengthening the Mind-Body Connection Through Yoga


Mindfulness is a foundation in all Yoga practices. We practiced a breath focused sequence that can release tension and reduce stress. The sequence was inspired by the teachings of Sir T.K.V. Desikachar, founder of Viniyoga. Below are a free resources from various traditions:

Download the PDF of the yoga sequence from this week’s session. 

Remember, even a few gentle poses can make a significant difference in how you feel throughout the day. See if you can find time to pause and do two poses between classes or meetings. Another great time is taking 5-10 minutes for gentle movement before sleeping to help settle the mind.


Mindful Listening

Deep listening is one way to practice mindfulness. When we provide our full attention to someone else, we let them know that they are important to us and what they say matters. Mindful listening is also an excellent way for us to stay grounded instead of being distracted by our own thoughts. Read this article on for additional background on mindful listening. 


Home Practice

Noticing Practice 

  • Mindful Check-In.  How is your mind, body, and heart feeling today?

Guided & Reflective Practices

  • Yoga
  • Mindful Listening


About Be REAL
Be REAL (Resilient Attitudes & Living) was developed at the University of Washington Center for Child & Family Well-Being. The program’s aim is to promote the well-being of college students and staff by building skills to cope with emotions, navigate challenging situations, and strengthening internal awareness. Learn more.






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