Every child deserves to grow up resilient and to thrive.

We're working to make that happen.

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Promoting Child Well-Being with Research and Real World Solutions

We promote the mental health and well-being of children and youth—by conducting scientific research and translating our findings into effective practices for parents, caregivers, educators, and practitioners. Our whole child approach connects the roles that families, providers, and communities have on a child’s well-being and resilience, from birth through adolescence.

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Our Focus Areas

From research to workshops, trainings and publications, we are engaged in four inter-related focus areas.

Promoting Well-Being & Resilience

How can we strengthen resilience and enhance our children’s social, emotional and cognitive abilities – especially in the context of adversity?

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Supporting Parents

What are the best, practical approaches for warm, responsive and mindful parenting – for the well-being of children and their parents?

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Addressing Adversity & Inequity

How does adversity, economic disadvantage, and racial inequity impact children and families? How can we support them and change the system?

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Cultivating Mindfulness & Compassion

How do we infuse mindfulness, compassion, self-compassion, and social-emotional skills in our research and work with children, youth, and families?

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Our Resource Library

We’re always learning, developing new practices and finding new resources through our research. In our library there’s something for everyone: whether you’re a parent searching for tips to support your child’s development, a practitioner seeking curriculum resources or a researcher looking for shared measurements.

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