Be REAL Week 6

Moving forward

In our sixth and final session, we reviewed the skills and practices shared in Be REAL and reflected on how to carry them forward. The key skill areas include:

  • Reducing stress
  • Managing and tending to emotions
  • Coping with challenging situations
  • Building connections and compassion for ourselves and others

Review & Future Action Planning

One of goals in Be REAL is to introduce participants to a range of practices for learning to tune into oneself and identify what is needed to feel more grounded and resilient. Below is a summary of the practices we shared throughout the program and the various skill areas they support. There is overlap in each of the areas – so the key is reflecting on which practices resonated with you the most.


The last session also had time devoted to one of two activities:

  1. Writing a letter to your future self in two months that reflects on the skills from Be REAL and sets intentions about how to carry them forward; or
  2. Engaging in an action planning activity, which is outlined in the image below. 


Peace & Kindness

We closed our session with the Peace and Kindness meditation. Research shows that this meditation increases feelings of warm and happiness, as well as kindness towards ourselves. It works by recognizing we all want the same basic things in life – good health, happiness, and peace – and this can counteract feelings of loneliness.


In this practice, you extend wishes of well-being to people. You can use the statements in the image above, or alter them as needed so they are meaningful to you. You can picture specific people, such as someone you love and miss right now. You can also think of people whom you don’t know but wish to extend thoughts too – such as staff in the grocery store or healthcare workers.

Get started with  our guided 10-minute Peace & Kindness practice (Paz y Bondad).


Sustaining Your Practice

The resources below are intended to help support your continued practice and application of the Be REAL skills into your life. 

Links to all Be REAL webpages

Additional Resources

Thank you for participating in Be REAL! Please connect with us at with any questions.


About Be REAL
Be REAL (Resilient Attitudes & Living) was developed at the University of Washington Center for Child & Family Well-Being. The program’s aim is to promote the well-being of college students and staff by building skills to cope with emotions, navigate challenging situations, and strengthening internal awareness. Learn more.