Utilizing Family Skills as a Protective Shield for Families Living Through War, Displacement and Other Challenging Contexts

Aala El-Khani, PhD

About this Event

Parenting can be challenging at the best of times, let alone parenting children through war or refugee contexts. Global conflicts entail many changes for children and their families, with the potential for acute and longer-term impact on well-being and mental health. What can we do to help? Effective parenting can act as a protective shield against the difficulties that children face in challenging times. Providing interventions that focus on building strengths in parenting practices can be protective and predict more positive outcomes for children. In this talk, a wide range of open access family skills resources will be shared. As all families can experience highly stressful times, whether it is illness, relationship breakdown or living through a global pandemic, these resources have universal importance and applicability. This talk will reflect on the diverse public health implications of availing family skills resources for the prevention of drug use, mental health, violence and several adverse health and social consequences.

About the Presenter

Aala El Khani

Aala El-Khani, PhD

Dr Aala El-Khani researches and develops innovative ways to reach families that have experienced conflict and displacement with parenting support and training. Her work has significantly contributed to an agenda of producing materials for families affected by conflict, displacement and residing in low resource contexts. She is a developer of numerous family skills resources as well as a global trainer of family skills programmes and research methods, having conducted training in over 25 countries, including Uzbekistan, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Palestine. Aala is a humanitarian psychologist and works as a consultant for several international organisations including the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. She is also a Research Associate at the University of Manchester at the Division of Psychology and Mental Health. Aala is passionate about highlighting the significant role that caregivers play in protecting their children during challenging times. Her two TEDx talks have been viewed over 1.5 million times.

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