Drop-in Session: Looking Back With Gratitude to Move Forward

Tyneshia Valdez

About this Event

Gratitude supports resistance and resilience by reminding us that we are enough and that where we are at, right now, is enough.

Gratitude for what we have also acknowledges where we’ve come from and the work we’ve put into our paths.

Gratitude can guide us back to thinking about the people that support and uplift us.

Please join this drop-in session for a gratitude practice, a discussion about affirmations, gratitude, and values.


October 2022 Drop-in
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CCFW is pleased to offer these drop-in sessions for free. We welcome contributions to our Mindfulness Outreach Support Fund to increase the accessibility of our paid courses and community trainings for individuals working with children and families facing adversity. *

About the Presenter

Tyneshia Valdez

Tyneshia Valdez

Tyneshia Valdez (she/her) graduated from the University of Washington in 2012 with a BA in Intercultural Communications and International Studies of SE Asia. Tyneshia is committed to increasing justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) for students and staff at UW. Through her alliances with the Graduates of Color in Astronomy and Physics, the Resilience Lab, and Black Affinity Group, Tyneshia works to break through the barriers that suppress long-term and systemic change. By practicing self-care and supporting one another, she believes that we can all rise