Introduction to Mindfulness

5-Week Online Course

Yaffa Maritz, LMHC

About this Event

How can we hold steady during these turbulent times? 

Research has demonstrated that mindful meditation and compassion practices, such as Loving and Kindness, are strongly associated with the reduction of negative states like anxiety, stress, and depression and an increase of positive states of mind including optimism, content, courage, and happiness.

Given the current situation with COVID-19, it is an optimal time to share the practices of mindfulness through this introductory course; these skills will help us all benefit by enhancing our well-being and building our resiliency in difficult times such as those we face now. As a wise man said: “We can’t stop the waves, but we can learn to surf them”.

This course will introduce participants to a variety of practices that create a foundation for mindfulness. Each class will highlight a new practice and allow you to explore ways to weave it into your day. We will give extra care and attention to practices that support us emotionally during these uncertain times. Below is an outline of each session.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to Mindfulness
Key components of a mindfulness practice
Brain science research that supports the benefit of practice
Practice two introductory meditations 

Lesson 2 – Introduction to Mindfulness of the Body
Mindful and compassionate listening skills
Body Scan meditation 

Lesson 3 – Introduction to Loving-Kindness Meditation 
Exploring the self-critical mind 
Loving-Kindness meditation 

Lesson 4 – Mindfulness of Mind: Thoughts / Emotions 
Why is it so hard to stay calm? 
Practices for thoughts and emotions 

Lesson 5 – Introducing R.A.I.N.  
Practicing R.A.I.N. (the process of investigation and allowing what arises) 
Wrapping up 

Class Dates
5-week online course
Fridays, April 24 – May 22, 2020, from 12:00 – 1:15 pm

Course Fees
CCFW is pleased to offer this 5-week online course for free. We welcome contributions to our Mindfulness Outreach Support Fund to increase the accessibility of our paid courses and community trainings for individuals working with children and families facing adversity. Visit our “Make a Gift” page to make a donation and support others with limited resources.  

Please note about recording: Yaffa is completing The Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. As part of this process she is required to record 30 minutes of one session where she facilitates mindfulness. Participants will have advance notice of when this happens, and only audio will be recorded. The recording will focus on the facilitator’s instruction and not the students’ responses.

About the Presenter

Yaffa Headshot

Yaffa Maritz, LMHC

Yaffa is the founder and director of the Community of Mindful Parenting, a co-founder of Listening Mothers, and the clinical director of both Listening Mothers and Reflective Parenting, two research-based parenting programs. Yaffa was born and trained in Israel as a clinical psychologist. She is also a licensed mental health counselor with advanced training in infant mental health. She is an advocate for the well-being of children and their families and served on several local and national boards that promote this agenda, including the Governor’s Commission for Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention. Yaffa believes that by supporting parents and creating nurturing communities for them, we can set the foundation for the positive growth of children’s social, emotional, and mental health. 

Yaffa is a certified facilitator of Mindful-Self Compassion. She participated in the Stanford yearlong teachers training program called CCT (Compassion Cultivation Training) that was offered through Stanford’s Center for Compassion, Altruism, Research and Education. She also completed the advanced training program in MSC (Mindful Self-Compassion) with Drs. Kristin Neff and Chris Germer.