Drop-in Session: Practices for Savoring the Moment

Shayla Collins

About this Event

In this session, we will share a variety of practices, including gratitude, that can help us pause and connect with what we have in this very moment. We will also discuss simple ways to allow positive experiences to fill our senses and awareness. Research shows that cultivating gratitude and savoring positive experiences can strengthen habits that build resilience and balance. Join us for an interactive session to explore how to weave these practices into our days for lasting joy.


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About the Presenter


Shayla Collins

Shayla Collins is a born and raised Seattleite, the mother of two boys, and a mindfulness facilitator for parents of children with special healthcare needs. Shayla is also a contract facilitator in CCFW’s community program, REAL Pro (Resilient Attitudes & Living for Professionals). She has been practicing mindfulness for almost four years and is adamant that the techniques she has learned should be shared with the world! And she loves chocolate.