Drop-in Session: Mindful Check-in

Angelica Zapata

About this Event

In this session we will begin to build or strengthen our existing practice by bringing a moment of mindfulness before the end of the day. Let’s take the time to connect with ourselves and to cultivate stability and clarity through a couple of mindful self-compassion practices. No matter what challenges, uncertainty, or stress we are facing, bringing a moment of mindfulness to our day will help us tap into our inner resources, enhancing awareness and resiliency skills.


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About the Presenter

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Angelica Zapata

Angelica was born and trained in Bogota, Colombia as an educator. She is a facilitator of mindfulness, compassion, and emotional intelligence classes. She is certified by CCISE at Life University to facilitate Compassion Integrity Training™ and has completed the Listening Mothers™ facilitator training through the Community of Mindful Parenting.

In addition, Angelica is a life coach specializing in navigating and embracing change. As a first-generation Latina and a former military spouse, she went through many relocations, career transitions, and heartbreaks that have equipped her with the resiliency to embrace change with courage. She believes that transcending the pain of life changing events with mindfulness and self-compassion is the portal to insight, a true opportunity for growth and transformation.