Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Family Well-Being Conference

Mindfulness, Self Compassion, And Family Well Being Conference

This conference (October 19-20, 2023 in Seattle Washington) brings together researchers and practitioners whose work promotes the well-being of children and families through mindfulness and self-compassion. The latest research findings and their applications are presented. The focus is on advancing the science of mindfulness and self-compassion to enhance children’s well-being by supporting the well-being and social-emotional skills of the parents, caregivers, educators and practitioners in children’s lives. This will be an intimate conference with rich opportunities for discussion and networking.

Day of Respite: A Retreat

Photo of facilitator Diane Hetrick

Inspired by Days of Mindfulness, from MBSR and Mindful Self-Compassion classes, this Day of Respite, a 6-hour retreat, is meant to nourish and nurture those whose work or life activities bring them in contact with difficulty and suffering. We will use mindfulness and compassion practices to guide us during the day. The experience is designed to be one of deep welcoming, acceptance, rest, and compassionate care.