REAL Pro: Resilient Attitudes and Living for Professionals

Supporting professionals who work with children, youth and families

We know it is critical that caregivers and professionals receive support, so they can successfully support the well-being of others. Building on evidence-based practices and collaborations with community partners, we developed REAL Pro (Resilient Attitudes & Living for Professionals) in 2017 to share important skills with professionals working with children, youth, and families, including: 

  • Promoting their own social-emotional skills and well-being through mindfulness and self-compassion 
  • Strengthening the social-emotional skills and well-being of parents
  • Supporting the social-emotional development of children and youth
  • Enhancing their relationships with colleagues and families
  • Building a culture of compassion and resilience at work

Learn about REAL Pro in this 3-minute video: 

About the program

REAL Pro has content that ranges from 3 – 12 hours and can be customized to a variety of workplace schedules. We collaborate with partners to ensure the content is tailored to their organization’s needs through stakeholder meetings and baseline surveys. CCFW facilitators lead group sessions that include teaching, small group activities, guided contemplative practices, and group discussions. 

Our program material is grounded in psychology, neuroscience, and mindfulness research. Recent research shows mindfulness practices are efficient and effective strategies to prevent the negative effects of emotional distress in professional settings (Janssen et al., 2018). We’ve also learned that higher dispositional mindfulness of Head Start providers was associated with higher well-being and a stronger working alliance with parents and relationships with children. We continually evaluate and update the program to ensure it is culturally inclusive and trauma-sensitive.

Results to date

Between 2017 and 2023, CCFW has offered REAL Pro to more than 1,500 professionals. Participants’ feedback is overwhelmingly positive – including feedback that the program feels relevant to their work, supportive of effective stress management, and inclusive of their personal beliefs. Preliminary results from evaluations with professionals show that the program significantly decreases secondary trauma symptoms, increases emotion regulation, coping skills, self-compassion and resilience.

Recent REAL Pro participant evaluation comments include:

  • I’ve learned not to react just to react. I’m more mindful about taking information in, letting myself absorb it, then provide a response. The breathing techniques really help with calming my anxiety or nervousness.
  • It has and will help me avoid a Mind Full of stress and anxiety, and instead allow me to be more mindful. The practices I have learned have already given me strength in difficult moments and difficult interactions.
  • This was a very meaningful experience and I learned skills and practices that are changing the way I move through life. When I have the opportunity, I will strongly recommend this program to others. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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