Supporting Well-Being during the COVID-19 Crisis

Supporting Children

Below are a few resources for connecting with your children
in the midst of changes associated with COVID-19.

Sesame Street “Caring for Each Other”
Your favorite monsters have videos and tips for
talking with children about COVID-19. There are
also downloadable articles and activities for finding
a “new normal” during the current situation. 

Zero to Three Logo

Zero to Three Tips for Families
This webpage offers tips for families including
age-appropriate responses to common questions,
a guide to self-care, and activities for young
children experiencing social distancing.

Calm Kids logo

Calm’s “Take a Deep Breath” 
This webpage features offers a section of child
and youth specific audio meditations

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“How to Talk with Kids about the Novel Coronavirus”
This article features an interview with UW Professor
of Psychology  Dr. Lynn Fainsilber Katz.

Parenting During a Pandemic
In this podcast, Dr. Kaiser Greenland shares practical
tips for mindfulness for all age groups and ways parents
can support each other.

Brainpop Screen Image
BrainPop COVID-19 Cartoon
This 4-minute video helps elementary school aged children understand COVID-19. 
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UW Center for Philosophy for Children helps families explore ‘big questions’ around COVID-19

Free materials to help families broach big questions and feelings that may be surfacing as children experience the current realities of sickness and isolation.

Executive Function Tips in the Time of COVID-19
In response to these abnormal times, Marydee Sklar
from Executive Functioning Success put together a
video and blog post with EF tips to help parents and children.

Mindful Parenting During COVID-19

Dr. Liliana Lengua shares mindfulness practices that can be used in every-day interactions between parents and children to enhance parents’ effectiveness and relationships with their children.


CCFW Audio Practices

These recordings guide you through practices to navigate stress and
tap into your internal resources for staying resilient. 

Staying Grounded: +2 Breathing

Staying Grounded: Tuning into the Senses


For Relaxation: Be in the Pause Breathing


For Relaxation: A 5-minute Stress Check


For Restful Sleep:
Progressive Muscle Relaxation


For Connecting with Common Humanity


Additional Resources

Practices and articles from some of our colleagues and other 
experts in the field of resilience and well-being.

Calm Logo

Calm’s “Take a Deep Breath” 
A collection of guided audio meditations,
music playlists, soundscapes, and yoga
videos for mindfulness, stress, and sleep. 

Rick Hanson, Ph.D.

Being Resilient During Coronavirus 
Dr. Rick Hanson offers a 6-minute video on
coping during COVID-19 and a 4-minute “Meditation
for Feeling as Safe as You Reasonably Can”.

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Healthy Minds Program
The Center for Healthy Minds has made their
new mindfulness program available for free.

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Trauma-Sensitive Yoga
The Center for Trauma Sensitive Yoga offers 
free online sessions; many in multiple languages.

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“A Cough and Our Heart Stops: Coping with
Coronavirus Anxiety and Fears

Co-written by Michele Bedard-Gilligan PhD,
Emma PeConga, and Lori Zoellner PhD, in
The Seattle Times. 



“How to Stay Resilient and Mentally Healthy
During the Coronavirus Outbreak”

WBUR’s On Point features an interview with
Dr. Jonathan Kanter, Director of the UW Center for
the Science of Social Connection.

PRISM COVIDInfographic Horizontal

“A Path to Resilience in the Face of COVID-19” 
Anxious in these uncertain times? Scientifically-backed skills from researchers at Seattle Children’s and designed by Artefact Group can help you build resilience. Try them, share them, and know that we are all in this together.

JED COVID Resources

JED’s Coronavirus Mental Health Resource Guide
Explore a compilation of resources and tips, compiled by The Jed Foundation, that may be helpful to you during this time.