The Biology of Love: Synchrony and the Affiliative Brain in Health and Psychopathology

Internationally renowned scholar Dr. Ruth Feldman studies how lived experience within close relationships builds the brain, creates relationships, confers resilience, and promotes creativity. In this free public lecture, she will discuss several aspects of her conceptual model and research, including synchrony, the oxytocin system, the mother-infant bond and research on the paternal brain. Dr. Feldman delivered this talk as part of the CCFW Free Lecture Series. 

By the end of this lecture you will:

  • Understand how a parent’s brain develops during the transition to parenthood and why it is important
  • Learn about the role of oxytocin in initiating the bond between parents and infants and how this bond develops to support resilience from infancy to adulthood
  • Know about the specific disruptions to the neurobiology of affiliation and caregiving behavior that characterize depressed mothers and potential avenues for treatment
Ruth Feldman
February 2020