The Peace & Kindness Practice for Children

The Peace and Kindness meditation is a practice that can help us feel connected to people we love, as well as expand our circle of compassion to people we don’t know. Research shows that practicing this meditation increases feelings of warm and happiness, as well as kindness towards ourselves. It works by recognizing we all want the same basic things in life – good health, happiness, and peace – and this can counteract feelings of loneliness.

Peace and Kindness is a mettā practice. Mettā means “loving-kindness” or “benevolence” in Pāli, and is originated from the Sanskrit word maitrī. Sanskrit and Pāli are Indo-Aryan languages. 

This practice can help children feel connected to people they love and miss. Below is a full script you can download and adapt to share with your children.

Need a Peace and Kindness meditation for yourself? Get started with our guided 10-minute audio practice

CCFW Children's Peace & Kindness Script


Download our Peace and Kindness pictures to share with friends!

Image of script for the peace and kindness meditation for children.                                                

Image of phrases from the peace and kindness meditation.