Autumn Eo

Person in black sweater, smiling, standing against leafy green backdrop.

Autumn is a research assistant for the NEW Parents Connect study and the NEW Moms Connect study. She communicates with parents and runs assessments and interviews with participants.  Previously, Autumn has worked as a research assistant and coordinator for the SEACAP study, the Be REAL study, and the Project 1, 2, 3 Go! study. She joined CCFW

Natasha Moini

Natasha Moini dressed in a graduation gown with purple stole. Smiling. Green trees in the background.

Natasha coordinates the NEW Moms Connect Study. She supports and schedules participating families, connecting them with our undergraduate research team to complete assessments. She also contributes to the coordination of the SeaCap and Project 1, 2, 3 Go! studies.  Prior to becoming coordinator, Natasha worked as an undergraduate research assistant for NEW Moms Connect. She received her

Nadine Ayudiani

Photo of Nadine Ayudiani

Nadine is a research assistant for the Be REAL: Resilient Attitudes and Living study and the NEW Moms Connect study.  Nadine is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Washington. Aside from working as a research assistant at the CCFW, she is also a Behavior Analyst intern at the

Shayla Collins

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Shayla designs and leads CCFW mindfulness and compassion programs for providers working with children and youth. She also supports the implementation of mindfulness-based programs for parents. Prior to officially joining CCFW, Shayla was a contract facilitator in CCFW’s REAL Pro offerings with community partners. She is also a parent facilitator on Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Odessa

Aliza Pilisuk

Aliza Pilisuk

Aliza Pilisuk is the Program Coordinator at the Center for Child and Family Well-Being. Aliza coordinates administrative processes for our public programming and events. Prior to joining CCFW, Aliza worked in non-profit program administration with a focus on education, children and youth, and reproductive health. She received a bachelor’s degree in Social Science with a

Becca Calhoun

Becca Calhoun

Becca leads CCFW’s training, partnerships, research, and program development for CCFW’s well-being promotion programs for new parents (NEW Parents Connect), providers (REAL Pro), and youth and young adults ( Be REAL). She previously managed the NEW Moms Connect study, which included conducting mindfulness and self-compassion interventions for pregnant and postpartum women facing economic adversity. Her