Early-childhood temperament moderates the prospective associations of coping with adolescent internalizing and externalizing symptoms

CCFW’s team published this article in Frontiers in Psychology. While appraisal and coping are known to impact adolescent psychopathology, more vulnerable or resilient responses to stress may depend on individual temperament. This study examined early life temperament as a moderator of the prospective relations of pre-adolescent appraisal and coping with adolescent psychopathology.

The Promise of the Healing-Centered Paradigm in Education

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Drawing on extensive doctoral research and professional practice, this lecture with Dr. Angel Acosta invites participants into an exploration of how practitioners and scholars have deliberately integrated the notion of healing into K-12 curricula and professional education. 

CAI Training: Building Capacity for Addressing Maternal Depression

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CAI developed this free training package to increase confidence and skills needed to recognize and respond to maternal depression. The training will bolster the ability of a non-licensed, community-based workforce to support and educate clients with maternal depression to increase awareness and reduce stigma.

MHLIC Maternal Health Repository


MHLIC serves as a national hub to connect maternal health learners with maternal health “doers” across the country, cataloging and disseminating best practices related to maternal health improvement. Their team works diligently to collect the best training and other resources to make them available on this page.

Supporting the Well-being of Early Learning Providers with a Mindfulness and Coping Program

Future Directions Forum

The Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology (JCCAP) has accepted an abstract from CCFW’s research team. The abstract, entitled Supporting the Well-being of Early Learning Providers with a Mindfulness and Coping Program, by Robyn Long, Katie Malloy Spink, & Liliana J. Lengua, will be a part of the Future Directions Forum, a virtual series hosted online July – December 2022.