Addressing Post-Pandemic Trauma in Youth: How Mindfulness Practices Support Positive Mental Health Outcomes in Challenging Times

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In this lecture, learn trauma-informed mindfulness strategies that empower youth by reshaping trauma reactions. The 3 co-founders of the Holistic Life Foundation discuss how accessible mindfulness and yoga have proven benefits in reducing stress, enhancing feelings of self-worth and self-love, and creating a sense of resilience and optimism. They also explore how the brain processes stress, intrusive thoughts, and negative self-talk. The co-founders aim for participants of the lecture to come away with a deeper understanding of mindfulness and yoga for addressing trauma and supporting positive mental health in youth.

Whole Child Development: Navigating Trauma, Building Resilience, Optimizing Healing and Well-Being

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Dr. Denese Shervington has an intersectional career in public health and academic psychiatry. This presentation utilizes the Social Ecological Model to explore the impact of interpersonal, community, institutional, and societal factors on individual-level behaviors in minoritized children, especially those living in poverty and experiencing racial oppression. A Healing Justice framework which expands upon current evidence-based models of screening and treatment to include ancestral and indigenous practice-based evidence and wisdom is offered as a method of transformational healing for minoritized children and their families.