Whole Child Development: Navigating Trauma, Building Resilience, Optimizing Healing and Well Being: Part 2

Denese Shervington Featured

In this workshop participants will learn about / review the complex and intersectional ways in which interpersonal, community, and historical traumas impact healthy attachment and psychosocial developmental trajectories for children, with a focus on incarcerated minoritized youth. The resultant neurobiological dysregulation and resultant increase in vulnerability to mental and physical health disorders will be explored. Participants will further explore how to apply principles of healing justice, inclusive of contemplative science and ancestral wisdom when working with youth.

Whole Child Development: Navigating Trauma, Building Resilience, Optimizing Healing and Well-Being

Denese Shervington Featured

Children live in families. Families live in communities. A community’s vibrancy is impacted by societal laws and cultural beliefs. This presentation will utilize the Social Ecological Model to explore the impact of interpersonal, community, institutional, and societal factors on individual level behaviors in minoritized children, especially those living in poverty and experiencing racial oppression. A Healing Justice framework which expands upon current evidence-based models of screening and treatment to include ancestral and indigenous practice-based evidence and wisdom will be offered as a method of transformational healing for minoritized children and their families. 

Utilizing Family Skills as a Protective Shield for Families Living Through War, Displacement and Other Challenging Contexts

Aala El Khani Featured

Parenting can be challenging at the best of times, let alone parenting children through war or refugee contexts. Global conflicts entail many changes for children and their families, with the potential for acute and longer-term impact on well-being and mental health. What can we do to help? Effective parenting can act as a protective shield against the difficulties that children face in challenging times.