Maternal Mental Health and Child Adjustment Problems in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Families Experiencing Economic Disadvantage

Abstract Parents living in low-income contexts shouldered disproportionate hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic with consequences to maternal mental health and child adjustment. The current study uses a sample of first-time mothers (N=147) of young toddlers, all living in low-income contexts, to examine the roles of pre-pandemic and COVID-19-specific risk and individual resilience factors in the

Nature & Nurturing: Parenting with Your Child’s Temperament in Mind

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Children can present challenging behaviors for very different underlying reasons depending on their temperament, and parents can be more effective if they understand the source of their children’s reactions. Little if any parenting advice that is available to parents provides the critical understanding of the role of children’s temperament in shaping children’s behavior and our parenting. This presentation will provide an opportunity to learn about the sources of children’s temperament or individual differences in their reactions, how temperament can elicit less-than-ideal parenting from even the best of parents, and how to parent more effectively with children’s temperament in mind.