Wise Mind Breathing (5 minutes)

This practice helps you connect with Wise Mind, where Emotional Mind and Rational Mind are held in balance, led by Diane Hetrick.

Synchrony and the neurobiology of human attachments

Ruth Feldman

Synchrony – the coordination of biological and behavioral processes between children and their caregivers during moments of social contact – provides the basis for social connectedness and charts a central process in the development of stress management, empathy, and the development of the “affiliative brain”. 

Liliana Lengua

Liliana Lengua Headshot

Liliana Lengua, Ph.D. is UW’s Maritz Family Foundation Professor of Psychology and has directed CCFW since its founding in 2011. A child clinical psychologist, she studies the effects of adversity on children and examines risk and protective factors that contribute to children’s resilience or vulnerability. Her research has focused on the contributions of children’s temperament,