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Please submit your drop-in details at least 2 weeks before you would like to market it. If this will be marketed in the CCFW monthly newsletter, please submit 2 weeks before the end of the month.

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This form asks for all of the information needed to publish your event. Please submit complete details. For your reference, you can view previous course descriptions here (Google Drive).

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Getting to Kincaid

Ccfw Parking MapBy car: There are no parking lots directly adjacent to Kincaid Hall. If you are driving, please allow yourself an extra 15-20 minutes to locate parking and walk to Kincaid Hall. The University of Washington offers pay-lots and parking garages. Metered street parking is also available but very limited. Parking fees around campus range from $1.00 to $4.00 an hour. Learn more about parking options here

By bus or light rail: More than 60 bus routes serve the University District and a Link Light Rail Station is located 1/2 mile away.

By bike: Kincaid Hall is located directly off the Burke Gilman Trail between 15th Ave NE and the NE Pacific Street overpass. Bike racks are conveniently located at Kincaid and throughout campus.


Inclusion Resources

Trauma Informed Mindfulness & Yoga Resources (click to expand)


Creating Inclusive Safe Spaces for CCFW Course Participants (click to expand)


Tips for Supporting Blind + Deaf Students (click to expand)


Land Acknowledgement Resources (click to expand)


Honor Native Land Guide (click to expand)

Emergency Procedures

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