For Practitioners

Learn new skills for well-being to share with families, children, and youth – and ideas for strengthening your resilience.

Mental Health Primers by the Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education

Mental Health Primers

These primers developed by the Coalition for Psychology in Schools and Education provide information for classroom teachers to help them identify behaviors in the classroom that are symptomatic of mental health and other psychological issues, with the goal of directing teachers to appropriate resources for the students.  

An Introduction to Gratitude


In this video, we talk about gratitude, a skill and practice that is central to hardwiring our brains to savor good experiences.

Child Trends Toolkit for Child Welfare Agencies to Help Young People Heal and Thrive During and After Natural Disasters

Child Trends

This Child Trends Toolkit is for child welfare staff, supervisors, and administrators who work with and on behalf of children, youth, and families who experience a natural disaster. The information and resources included in the Toolkit provide evidence- and trauma-informed guidance for promoting positive outcomes for children and youth who experience natural disasters. The complete version of this toolkit, including full references, is available in English or Spanish.