Child and Family Well-Being As We Emerge From COVID-19: A Multi-Disciplinary Conversation About How to Support Children and Families After the Pandemic

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A conversation with experts from the Evans School of Public Policy, School of Medicine, College of Education, and the Department of Psychology about how children and families are doing currently in the (aftermath or waning days) of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what is needed going forward to address the impact of the pandemic on children’s health, social-emotional well-being, and academic outcomes.

From Ally to Antiracist: Cultivating and Committing to Action in the Face of Life’s Obstacles

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In this course, we will lead participants through a series of weekly mindfulness action-exercises that address obstacles and translate antiracist values into everyday action. Each week, we will share important research findings from psychological science that provide the foundations for exercises that cultivate growth, awareness, empathy, and action. Participants will collaborate with their peers, building community and trust as they share their goals and challenges with each other. Through direct and compassionate dialogue, participants will develop skills needed to address racism in the moment and apply the principles of anti-racism in their day-to-day lives.   

The Roots of Helping, Sharing, and Caring

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How do human beings become caring beings? This presentation offers answers from research with young children, whose sensitivity to other people’s feelings increasingly drives their helpful assistance even as their understanding of ingroup-outgroup discrimination is growing. We also consider the social experiences that influence the tension between social exclusion and shared understanding in early childhood.