Drop-in Session: Take a Self-Compassion Break

Joel Featured

Join us to learn about Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), an empirically-supported course that enhances our capacity for emotional well-being. MSC practices strengthen our ability to meet life’s difficulties with wisdom, kindness, and spaciousness, allowing us to relate wholeheartedly to others and be more authentically ourselves. This drop-in class will provide a quick overview of the MSC program, answer the question “What is MSC?”, and allow a chance to practice the “Self-Compassion Break”, a core practice from MSC. No experience necessary!

Drop-in Session: Mindful Resilience to Enhance Our Connections With Others

Photo of facilitator Diane Hetrick

How might we bring the qualities of mindfulness and resilience to our day-to-day relationships with family, friends and coworkers, even strangers? During this one-hour drop-in, we’ll consider how mindfulness and resilience can help us support others and ourselves, enhancing our relationships and bringing us deeper connections and presence. We’ll get an opportunity to explore this topic together, with guided practice and time for discussion.

Drop-in Session: Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion

Lisa Baldini Joel Grow Featured

Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) combines the skills of mindfulness and self-compassion to enhance our capacity for emotional wellbeing. MSC cultivates inner strength, self-acceptance, and a wider perspective of common humanity, to promote personal growth and stronger relationships with others. Join us for an hour-long introduction to these practices. We’ll provide an overview of MSC, and guide a couple of MSC practices. No previous mindfulness experience is necessary.

Drop-in Session: Looking Back With Gratitude to Move Forward

Tyneshia Featured

Gratitude supports resistance and resilience by reminding us that we are enough and that where we are at, right now, is enough. Gratitude for what we have also acknowledges where we’ve come from and the work we’ve put into our paths. Gratitude can guide us back to thinking about the people that support and uplift us. Please join this drop-in session for gratitude practice, and a discussion about affirmations, gratitude, and values.

Drop-in Session: Giving and Receiving Compassion: Caring for Others without Losing Ourselves

Ccfw Elizabeth Lin Featured

How can we maintain our calm and continue to be caring during these times of worldwide turmoil and distress? Caring for others requires caring for oneself. Research demonstrates the many benefits of compassion practices in reducing depression, anxiety, and empathetic distress. This workshop will include didactic practices as well as two compassionate practices: Giving and Receiving Compassion and Compassion with Equanimity.

Drop-in Session: Cultivating Somatic Safety

Sasha Featured

Mindfulness allows us to cultivate a sense of safety within our bodies and minds. For some who have experienced bodily trauma, dissociation, dysphoria, and other experiences where our bodies have felt unsafe, mindfulness can be difficult to integrate into our lives. Join us for a discussion of barriers to mindfulness and adaptations to mindfulness practices that support those of us who have not felt safe in our bodies.