Drop-in Session: Tools for Self-Compassion


In this world, we receive so many messages about our shortcomings. How we internalize that impacts how we treat others and ourselves. As life long learners we have the opportunity to unpack this. In this session, we will collectively unpack these topics and explore tools for self-compassion that can support us and remind us that

Drop-in Session: Inner Allies: Meditation for Resilience and Refuge

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This session will guide participants in building a mini “toolkit” of self-compassion meditations. These meditations can be revisited over and over for comfort, joy, rest, strength and clarity. CCFW is pleased to offer these drop-in sessions for free. We welcome contributions to our Mindfulness Outreach Support Fund to increase the accessibility of our paid courses and

Drop-in Session: Meditation During Times of Uncertainty

Photo of facilitator Diane Hetrick

This session will incorporate some simple and accessible mindfulness tools of self-regulation so that our meditations don’t just exaggerate some of the stress and anxiety we might be feeling, but instead bring us a sense of grounding and comfort.