Drop-in Session: Mindful Check-in

Ccfw Angelica Zapata Featured

In this session we will begin to build or strengthen our existing practice by bringing a moment of mindfulness before the end of the day.

Drop-in Session: Cultivating Connection & Compassion

Ccfw Becca Calhoun Featured

In this session, we will discuss and explore practices that deepen our sense of connection with ourselves and others. Many of us often feel alone, but the truth is we are each embedded in a greater fabric of interaction and connection.

Drop-in Session: Tools for Self-Compassion

Shayla Featured

In this world, we receive so many messages about our shortcomings. How we internalize that impacts how we treat others and ourselves. In this session, we will collectively unpack these topics and explore tools for self-compassion that can support us and remind us that we are in this together.

Drop-in Session: Staying Balanced Amid Uncertainties

Elizabeth Featured

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues with no clear resolution in sight, we call upon resources to weather these uncertainties and challenges. This session will introduce the Mountain Meditation with compassion.

Drop-in Session: A Yoga Practice for Releasing Tension

Robyn Featured

In this session, we will share a yoga practice with postures that can release tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. This sequence will also allow us to build awareness about habitual movement patterns and take steps to preventing future tension.