Drop-in Session: Cultivating Gratitude

Ccfw Becca Calhoun Featured

Noticing what we are grateful for and cultivating practices of gratitude can ease anxiety and increase our feelings of connection. This session will include a guided gratitude meditation, a discussion of the benefits of gratitude and an introduction of several gratitude practices that can be used throughout our daily lives.

Drop-in Session: Mindful Self Compassion: Tender and Fierce

Ccfw Elizabeth Lin Featured

Attributes of comforting, and soothing typically come to mind when self-compassion is mentioned. Yet, self-kindness encompasses an expansive range of qualities. Dr. Kristen Neff proposes the various “Yin” and “Yang” features that portray an inclusive and complementary understanding of Mindful Self-Compassion. Scenarios will be discussed and practices will be offered to deepen this understanding.

Drop-in Session: Gratitude and Recommitment to a Compassionate Life

Photo of facilitator Diane Hetrick

This session will include some time to reflect with gratitude about the compassion we have given and received this past year. By slowing down, and offering gratitude, we help wire in the positive associations of having a compassion practice. We will also learn more about a variety of ways to continue to cultivate compassion, and recommit to living a compassionate life in 2022.

Drop-in Session: “What Is Home?” a Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation

Maya Nadar Featured

In this session, we will invite tools that can help anchor our state of mind as we navigate volatility and uncertainty. We will start with grounding breathing techniques drawn from the yogic tradition and will follow with a compassion meditation inspired by Compassion Cultivation Training (CCT). CCT is a program designed to strengthen resilience, increase connection with others, and provide a general sense of well-being.

Drop-in Session: Changing Habits with Mindfulness and Self-Kindness

Ccfw Elizabeth Lin Featured

“Short Moments, Many Times a Day” summarizes recent scientific evidence demonstrating the benefits of making use of brief practices throughout the day for a new way of living. Much of the day, we are on autopilot, mindlessly carrying out longstanding habits of behavior and thought patterns. New research shows benefits of recognizing our automatic habit loops, and meeting them with curious and kind attention as well as compassion (intention to ease suffering). This session will offer a summary of leading-edge research, and include some brief practices. If time allows, R.E.S.T. meditation practice will also be offered.