Drop-in Session: R.A.I.N Meditation

Yaffa Featured

We all feel overwhelmed at times, perhaps now more than ever. At times we may all feel that we are at war with ourselves. We all experience a range of human emotions, sometimes all at once, and often we try to push these uncomfortable feelings away. But do they really disappear? Through guided practice, following

Drop-in Session: Steadying the Heart & Mind with Yoga

Robyn Featured

The session weaves together a series of traditional Yoga practices for cultivating a sense of calm and inner peace: mindful movement, focused breathing, and meditation. This session will begin with a gentle Yoga sequence to settle the body. We will then explore how a simple breathing practice along with the use of an anchor phrase

Drop-in Session: Cultivando la Gratitud

Ccfw Angelica Zapata Featured

La gratitud es una herramienta poderosa que se puede cultivar. Cuando nos enfocamos en lo bueno que tenemos interna y externamente y damos las gracias por las pequeñas cosas que la vida nos ofrece, redireccionamos nuestro cerebro hacia una perspectiva más positiva y así, desarrollamos un sentido de estabilidad, bienestar y satisfacción personal.