+2 Breathing (5 minutes)

This practice focuses on slowing down your exhalation, which can promote a sense of calm and relaxation, led by Diane Hetrick.

Wise Mind Breathing (5 minutes)

This practice helps you connect with Wise Mind, where Emotional Mind and Rational Mind are held in balance, led by Diane Hetrick.

Sara McDermott

Photo of Sara McDermott in a blue sweater standing outside.

Sara leads CCFW’s partnerships, training, research, and program development for Be REAL.   Prior to joining CCFW, Sara spent over 8  years working as an academic advisor in various settings, including supporting high school students pursuing Running Start at the community college, a cohort program that supported first and second year pre-engineering college students from

A Day of Compassion Cultivation Practice

Event Flower

This workshop has been postponed. Please contact ccfwb@uw.edu for information. Join us for a 1-day workshop focused on simple yet powerful compassion practices and exercises that you can weave into your day.

Tools for Teens: Stress Management and Emotional Resilience

This course has been postponed. Please contact ccfwb@uw.edu for information. Through practices and exercises developed just for teens, students have the opportunity to learn how to navigate the emotional ups and downs of life with greater ease. This is an eight-week course.