For Practitioners

Learn new skills for well-being to share with families, children, and youth – and ideas for strengthening your resilience.

Meditaciones Guiadas en Español

Colección de diez audios con prácticas contemplativas de atención plena y autocompasión para tu bienestar, por Angelica Zapata.

+2 Breathing

In this practice we focus on breathing out a little longer than we breathe in, led by Shayla Collins.

Connecting with a Child (12 mins)

In this practice, we tap into our ability to connect and care for a child in our lives by picturing this child and offering warm-hearted wishes for well-being, led by Becca Calhoun.

Being with Baby (10 mins)

This meditation, practiced with a baby, is a way to connect and allow yourself to be in the moment with your little one, led by Becca Calhoun.

Self-Compassion Break (8 mins)

This practice allows us to take time out and acknowledge how we can support ourselves in a difficult moment, led by Shayla Collins.