Drop-in Session: Gathering the Mind, Body and Heart

Ccfw Elizabeth Lin Featured

To live our life more fully and purposefully, we can benefit from being aware of physical sensations, thoughts and emotions that are occurring in the moment. This session will include practices to cultivate whole-being awareness through a compassionate body scan and Qi Gong.

Drop-in Session: Mostly Qigong: De-Stress and Re-Energize Through Mindful Movement

Ccfw Blair Carleton Featured

Most of us are experiencing a deep mental, emotional, and physical fatigue during these very strange times. On top of our usual daily stress, there are new stressors to juggle: fear of the virus, the loneliness of physical distancing from family and loved ones, figuring out childcare and schoolwork, computer fatigue from working from home, and the relentless stress felt by our frontline workforce. Learning how to metabolize this stress is key to well-being. Mindful movement is one of the many tools to increase resilience and simply give ourselves a much needed break.

Drop-in Session: An Exploration of Body Awareness Practices

Ccfw Becca Calhoun Featured

The mind can race into the future or dwell in the past, but our bodies are always in the here and now. This session will focus on a series of brief body awareness practices that can ground us in the present moment. Being with our bodies, just as they are, can be a radical act

Drop-in Session: Working with Acceptance

Photo of facilitator Diane Hetrick

Acceptance can be a powerful and liberating practice, both while meditating, and in day to day life. It’s useful to discern the difference between acceptance and resignation, especially when we face challenges. This hour long session will include a short arriving meditation, a brief sharing on the qualities of acceptance, and then we will work